After spending most of his time abroad, Mr. Soviseth Thun recently came back to live in his native Cambodia. While living abroad he greatly achieved academically and professionally. Mr. Soviseth Thun holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Finance from France and MBA from Texas  A&M University in U.S.A. Professionally, He has owned and run many diverse businesses in the U.S. He has a real passion to pass on his knowledge and skills to other people.  


A Letter From Our Director

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Dear parents and guardians,


I would like to welcome you to Texas International Academy (TIA).

TIA is a place where your children can receive high quality education through an american based curriculum that is strictly designed by high and long experienced professional educators from USA.


In TIA, we believe that teachers must not only be experienced but also a role model for students, they should be loving and passionate towards education. This is the heart of our TIA academic team and we are dedicated to our students’ wellbeing, quality learning experience and achievement.


As the director of TIA, I feel that it is a privilege to bring to our nation this quality education for our students and to be able to make it accessible for everyone in Cambodia. Personally, I have been given many opportunities to study outside of Cambodia such as Sydney, Australia where I obtained a certification in the field of Management as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Dallas, Texas, USA. I constantly strive to improve as the best leader I can be for TIA and will soon be acquiring my Masters Degree in Education. My vision is to give back the experiences that I have gained over the past 20 years towards educating the youth of this great nation and to help provide the same educational opportunities that I had a chance to pursue.






Annie Pagnapor Mao